So i found the database files:
/var/db/main/objects.db and

then I did a search (in a text editor) for the books that I had downloaded, and found >100 instances of the book.  Oh god.  However, when searching for the book without underscores (ex: Hurricanes In Paradise instead of Hurricanes_In_paradise) there were only 3.  Sounds good.  So find&replace, transfer back to the touchpad, and success! or so I was thinking.  Then an error comes up and tells me to restart.  Oh nose!  So I restart, and it seems to be taking forever, and when it boots up it greets me with the initial setup screen


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  1. I more interested in the approach where you download a sample of the book you want to load and then rename the sideloaded book to the sample name. This works fantastic, provides the covers at the right size and has the correct title on each page. My challenge has been to remove the "sample" banner from the images. A quick look at the files show that the banner is overlayed on to the cover image, so it must be removable or replaceable correct?

  2. hax says:

    Well, I actually never edited the image, so I have no idea what you are talking about. You can poke around in the com.palm.kindle directory and remove images, or replace it with a 1x1 pixel of nothing.

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