alpha 2 readme

1.  Get a terminal, preferably on a computer with a keyboard, but xterm will do.

2a.  Install Lighty Web Server.  Make sure it works by going to the http://localhost on the touchpad if its a blank screen,  restart.
2b.  Just open /skindle/readme.html after it is written in step 6

3.   Download file from below.  Extract it onto so it looks like /media/internal/skindle aka touchpad://skindle

4.   Copy the .mobi files you want to "/skindle/ready"  (use calibre if they are not)(also, set this directory in calibre as the ebook reader directory for future use)

5    Get a terminal and run:

cd /media/internal/skindle

6.  It will ask you to open localhost, do this now, or find it using internals and copy it to a computer
8.   A list should appear of the free samples to download.  Download them now.
9  Press Enter.  This step will overwrite your amazon samples with the correct name of the mobi file.

10.  ?


3 Responses to : alpha 2 readme

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks a lot for this nice piece of code. Worked like a charm only after this correction, in step 5:

  2. hax says:

    so you actually used it? and it worked?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yes it worked on my F15C powered Touchpad 32 GB. Haven't you tried already?

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